• U.S. Hispanic Game Day Survey

    Between February 2nd and 4th, YuMe polled 500 U.S. Hispanic Respondents via an online survey regarding their intended activities during the Big Game, their intended device usage, as well as their thoughts about advertising during the game itself.

  • U.S. Live Big Game Survey

    On February 7th, 2016 during the Big Game, YuMe polled over 500 U.S. individuals between the ages of 18 and 55 via an online survey regarding their game-time activities, device usage during the game, as well as their thoughts about advertising during the game.

  • Your Ad, Their Choice - Political Advertising in the Digital Era

    In September 2015, YuMe conducted an online survey of more than 600 voters to understand the perceived and actual effectiveness of digital political advertising. Respondents were polled on their opinion of both online and offline (e.g. campaign call, yard sign, billboard) advertising methods. Results show that respondents feel there are too many political ads as a whole, but still respond most favorably to online advertising. In particular, the millennial generation responds to online advertising at higher rates than other demographics. Across all age groups, offline contact is considered l...

  • Holiday Shopper

    In September and November 2015, YuMe ran two polls of more than 1100 respondents via an online survey to understand consumer behavior during the holiday shopping season. Our holiday survey reveals consistent clusters of shopping habits around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Research shows the significance of mobile advertising as well as capitalizing on key holiday shopping periods.

  • Ad Experiences Matter

    In May 2015, YuMe polled over 600 respondents in an effort to evaluate the impact of advertising on the online experience. The majority of respondents understand that advertisers have costs to cover and are open to watching advertising in return for free content, but the ads must be relevant, tasteful and non-repetitive. The findings of the study showed that respondents are most open to ads when they are tailored to their interests and to the content they are currently watching. Though respondents are open to ads, they can be impacted by a poor ad experience. Repetitive ads can cause viewer...

  • Making the Connection: Understanding Emotional Engagement with Neuroscience

    Consumers engage with their devices more than ever in a very personal manner. Their relationship with content, advertising, and context of usage reflects the mindset and attachment to their everyday experiences with these devices. YuMe, Nielsen and Horizon Media set out to understand how emotional engagement is influenced by various platforms. Using neuroscience techniques, this research explores how platforms, including linear television, laptops, tablets and smartphones influence emotional engagement and 'prime' a consumer's experience. This research substantiates that each device has a u...

  • Consumer Multitasking Behavior: A Global Survey

    YuMe surveyed nine countries in an effort to understand how respondents multi-tasked during regular television programming over the past week. The respondents gave us insight on when they multitask the most, what peripherals they use to do it, and the kind of content they consume. Our research was based on a total sample of over 4,000 online respondents, and offers a glimpse into their multitasking behaviors.